Become A Course Provider


Become A Course Provider

Providing quality continuing education courses is an aim consistent with the overall educational mission and purpose of LCSP Canadian Branch.
The information below has been prepared to help facilitate quality and consistency in continuing education course submissions. It is important that you read and understand the instructions to ensure that submissions are compatible with the set standards.

Course Content

Subject matter must be generic and non-proprietary. Proprietary product-oriented material and promotion of products, services, books, video or audio tapes are not permitted and will result in a denial of approval. Proprietary product numbers, names or logos cannot be included on the illustrations. This violates the concept of generic information.

Course Approval

 If the course being submitted is already approved by the CMTO, CMTBC CMTNL, MTAS, MTAM, or NHPC, please indicate the date of approval, credit category and number of credits awarded, and include a copy of the approval letter with your application.

LCSP will grant automatic approval in this case; however application materials are still required for reference purposes. 

Criteria & Curriculum

The course provider must provide a curriculum outline (lesson plan) and supporting documents in MS Word or PDF document and attach it with the online application below.  A MS word Course Requirement Content outline document is provided below.

Included the following information: 

Course Outline

  • Course delivery method: In person-practical technique based, lecture, Online course, DVD or books with home study guide, lecture and practical demonstration, conference, Interactive webinar, University course delivered online.
  • Provide hourly break down of the time spent on the program include: Number of Anatomy hours, Number of Physiology hours, Number of  Pathology hours , Number of  Business hours
  • Indicate the number of hours spent on theoretical learning and on experiential or application learning. 
  • Is there a prerequisite level of education or training required to take this course? If so, please outline the subjects and/or courses and the level of prior learning required.
  • Explain and provide reference for the evidence-base for this learning opportunity.
  • Discuss contraindications and strategies for risk management, if applicable.
  • How are participants evaluated on their understanding of the material?
  • If there is a formal examination process, what is the minimum mark for a passing grade?

Objectives & intended learning outcomes

  • List course objectives and learning outcomes in measurable terms (i.e. which are attainable, can be evaluated and that relate to the scope of practice.) 

Presenter Information

  • Included a current resume for each presenter, providing work experience, qualifications for teaching this material, professional credentials and affiliations. This should demonstrate that the presenter possess sufficient skills, knowledge and abilities in the area pertinent to the course content they are intending to deliver.

Reference Materials

  • List all reference materials used (DVDs, books, manuals, journal papers etc.)
  • Included a copy of any student handouts and/or course materials.
  • Included copies of any advertising materials related to the course.

Teaching Strategies

  • List the methods used to deliver the course materials. Include copies of PowerPoint slides and all handouts provided to participants.

Course Provider Application Form