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SensoriMotor Retraining Technique

A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment, Treatment & Therapeutic Exercise


Instructor: Laurie Di Giulio, Developer/Facilitator

Credentials: Massage Therapist, NKT Practitioner-Level 3, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Educator, Conference Presenter



Date & Location

Date:  Saturday, Sept. 21 &  Sunday Sept. 22, 2019.

Time: 9:00 am



Early Bird: $399.00
Regular: $499.00


Early Bird: $449.00
Regular: $549.00

Location: Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon hotel
612 Spadina Crescent East

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Prices include breakfast and lunch.

Early Bird Pricing valid until July 31, 2019.

Course registration deadline: September 1, 2019.

Course Description

SensoriMotor Retraining Technique is a combination of assessment, treatment, and corrective exercise using an approach informed by Vleeming’s 5 kinetic chains, role of ligaments as sensory organs, and pairing sensory change with improved motor outputs.

This two day course will include discussion of important anatomical structures that make up the kinetic chains and how to assess these structures in a simple, sequential way to identify a framework for approaching corrections/treatment. Attendees will explore the role of ligaments in these kinetic chains, and how they contribute to optimal or dysfunctional movement patterns and what this means to our practice as manual therapists or fitness professionals. We will access ligaments using tools or touch to alter sensory input and cause reflexive affects in other tissues, followed by integration of movement patterns to improve function and manage pain. This course is appropriate for manual therapists and fitness professionals.

Course Goals

Students who complete this course will be able to:

• Identify the value of movement assessment, and how to integrate it into practice.

• Assess movement related to the five kinetic chains.

• Identify and assess ligaments, joint capsules and muscles involved in movement dysfunctions.

• Treat/stimulate a target ligament, joint capsule, or muscle to improve motor control.

• Make recommendations for individualized home care that combines ligament/joint capsule/muscle

stimulation and therapeutic exercise drills to improve treatment outcomes.

• Establish and understand the role of a treatment hierarchy, and its importance in improving quality of


Required Texts, Materials, or Equipment

• Course notes will be provided.

• Attendees may want to have anatomy references available.

• Attendees may wish to bring tools they use in practice (ex. IASTM tools, foam rollers).

• Massage tables may be required, dependant on location of course.

Instructor Bio

Laurie Di Giulio


An experienced healthcare practitioner using NeuroKinetic® Therapy, P-DTR, massage therapy, personal training, cupping massage, and yoga training to help guide others towards wellness. A dedicated professional that is well organized, efficient, goal-oriented and motivated to succeed. Working well independently and as part of a team while possessing the ability to foster communication and collaboration. Having high personal integrity and the ability to relate to and create trust. Committed to continued learning and experimentation to avoid dogma as a practitioner and educator. Possessing a profound reverence for life.


Professional Experience

  • As Registered Massage Therapist providing clients with effective treatment to address both physical and emotional symptoms of imbalance, correctly identifying and managing sources of imbalance through orthopedic assessment and review of client health history. Facilitated workshops for a variety of different groups including Vanier Centre, OETC Brampton, 5 Elements Yoga & Pilates, BNI and PRA Chapters in Peel region, GoodLife Fitness Park Lane (Halifax), Coastal Sports & Wellness (Bedford), Coactive Learning (Halifax), ICT Northumberland College, MTANS, NBMA, NS Fitness Association and hosting online professional continuing education meetings. Previous volunteer at Connections Halifax Free Saturday Clinic.
  • As Program Coordinator and Lead Instructor at CDI College (Toronto South & Central) managed a staff of 5-6 teachers, facilitated communication with administrative staff and other campuses, set-up and scheduled student clinic and outreach programs and developed program curriculum. Developed curriculum for and instructed physiology, anatomy, pathology, neuroanatomy/physiology, anatomy palpation, clinical assessment, advanced techniques, business, research literacy, massage theory and technique, pharmacology, and provincial exam preparation.
  • As member of the Curriculum Institute for Corinthian Colleges collaborated with other instructors and publishing companies to develop a cohesive curriculum for CDI colleges massage therapy program including review and selection of appropriate required text for program. Independently developed curriculum for Physiology and Pathology Year I and consulted on development of Physiology and Pathology Year II curriculum.
  • As Yoga Instructor working with Etobicoke Swim Club to develop a yoga program for pre-Olympic athletes, working with groups of swimmers to implement posture sequence effective for the individual athlete and injury prevention. Wrote and self- published a yoga manual for competitive swimmers, available online. Created and recorded a race visualization audio for athletes to prepare them to succeed in competition.
  • As Senior Practitioner of NKT in Atlantic Canada, provide teaching assistance to Level 1 courses run in Halifax since 2016. Support of local practitioners through organization and leading of NKT study sessions in Atlantic Canada.
  • As Educator, development and delivery of a movement-based assessment and remedial exercise courses for therapists and fitness professionals. Courses taught in ON, NB, and NS.