Membership Exam Registration


Membership Exam Application

Becoming a LCSP Canadian Branch Member
The LCSP Council may require any applicant to undergo examination for membership of the Society, this taking the form of a written paper and practical assessment as set out in our bylaws. Exemptions from all or part of the examinations may be allowed in certain circumstances, and may be substituted by an interview. See bylaws.


The entrance exam is required for each membership category. The exam is made up of two parts, written and practical any part thereof to be waived if so decided by a majority vote of the Council. The Society requires all Members obtain a number of hours of continued education to maintain membership.

Exam Information

The exam comprises of the following sections: 

  • A written portion being comprised of the theoretical material required for that level. The exam time is approximately two to three hours.
  • An oral portion where the applicant will be asked to answer questions regarding the field and any part of theoretical or practical portions of their training, as well as questions regarding the structure, function, assessment of the human body or questions of ethics.  
  • A practical portion where the applicant will be required to perform a hands-on application of their abilities for the appropriate level. 

Passing Grades

  • These exams will require a passing grade of 70% in all aspects. Should an applicant not achieve a passing grade, they will be allowed one opportunity for a re-test. 
  • The Education Committee shall suggest a direction by which the individual may obtain the knowledge required to pass the requirements of the exam.
  • These individuals will be given a set period of time in which they must obtain this knowledge and at the end of that time frame the individual must again sit for the exam portion of which they did not previously obtain a satisfactory grade.


  • The examinations of the Society shall occur from time to time as necessary.
  • No owner or operator of the training facility for which the applicant obtained training, nor any instructor which was directly involved in the education of a particular applicant may sit as the representative of the LCSP for that applicant.
  • The Education Committee shall provide a report to the Council regarding any examinations, accreditation etc. which have occurred since the previous meeting.

Exam Fees

Fees for examinations

The fees for exams for entrance into the Society shall consist of:

$ 200.00  Exam Fee
$   20.00  Administration Fee
$   11.00   GST
$231.00 TOTAL

The $200.00 exam fee is non-refundable, unless at least 48 hours cancellation notice is received in writing.

The $20.00 administration fee is non-refundable.

Registration Requirements

Institutional Information

  • Verification of training it is required to be filled out by new membership applications. 
  • If your institution is accredited by the Council they shall be able to inform you. Accredited institutions usually provide information on graduates directly to the Society.
  • Individuals not from accredited training programs must provide as much information as possible regarding their training.


The Malpractice and Liability Insurance of the Society is MANDATORY for Associate and Full Members. You will be required to verify that you are carrying or have applied for the insurance. We remind Members that no funds are to be sent as the Insurer shall send a bill to the applicant. Insurance is payable by the 1st of September in each year, failure to pay by that date could result in cancellation.

The policy provides:

$1,000,000.00 Comprehensive Liability
$1,000,000.00 Malpractice Liability
$5,000.00 Equipment
$25,000.00 Tenant Improvements & Legal Liability


Rules of the Society and Code of Ethics

Before making application for membership, all applicants should read carefully the Rules, Aims and Objectives of the Society as set out in the bylaws, with particular reference to the Code of Ethics of the Society.

We remind applicants that once they have been provided entrance to the Society the Rules, Aims and Objectives of the Society are binding upon them.

Be sure you understand the requirements of membership. It will be your responsibility to know the Bylaws of the Society.