Membership Information



Information for qualifying as a member to LCSP
This section covers the criteria and requirements needed to become a member and criteria to be a member of the governing body and council member.

Membership Types


Full  Membership shall be open to persons who have successfully completed training to the requirement of their Provincial Association of 2200 hours. Only members of this category are able to call themselves or use the term ‘Remedial Massage Therapists’. Such membership will be designated by the letters-L.C.S.P.(Phys)


Fellowship shall be bestowed upon Members who have given distinguished service to the profession or Society. Fellowships are issued by the U.K. Council only, nominations for such honour may be put forward by the Canadian Branch Council. Such to be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, subject to nomination and seconding of a candidate by Members of Council, and subject to a maximum appointment of two Fellowship Members in any one year.  Such membership to carry the designatory letters F.L.C.S.P.(Phys).


Honorary Membership may be conferred by agreement in Council on outside persons who are genuinely associated with the profession and work of this Society. Such membership shall carry no designatory letters, except in those cases where such Member has formerly been in Full or Associate membership, when the appropriate designatory letters may be retained.


Non-practicing membership is open, at the discretion of Council, to enrolled Members who, for one reason or another, are not engaged in professional practice during the relevant year of membership.  Such members retain their former rights of membership with the exclusion of insurance coverage.


Honorary Membership may be conferred by agreement in Council on outside persons who are genuinely associated with the profession and work of this Society. Such membership shall carry no designatory letters, except in those cases where such Member has formerly been in Full or Associate membership, when the appropriate designatory letters may be retained.



FULL LEVEL (Phys) is training to a minimum of 2200 hours either part time or full time.

Courses must provide instruction in the following:

  • Anatomy to a level of understanding the function of the muscles of the body.
  • Physiology to a level of understanding the mechanics of the joints of the body.
  • Pathology to an understanding of the different conditions of soft tissue dysfunction as well as signs and symptoms of common conditions, which may be contraindications to Massage.
  • Assessment to the level of being able to make sound judgment of what is causing a soft tissue condition and the ability to decipher between the separate functions.
  • Treatment by use of Massage techniques to affect a positive change in the conditions of which the Therapist has encountered.
  • Training in the development of treatment programs including the use of nutrition and exercise as well as hands-on treatments of the particular conditions.
  • The understanding of primary and secondary pathology, Hygiene, and Practice Management assuring that the therapist entering the field has satisfactory knowledge of understanding referrals, writing letters, filling out forms, proper terminology, as well as basic business skills.
  • Members at this level may perform treatments for specific conditions, which require the application of specific massage or related procedures to obtain the desired result.

Members will have provided proof of their ability to perform assessment and treatment of soft tissue conditions.



According to LCSP Bylaws; All Associate, Full, Affiliated and Fellow Members, Non-practicing, other than those registered as retired must acquire 40 hours of continued education approved by the Education Committee, or meet the continued education requirements of the governing body in which they hold membership, every 3 years to maintain membership. A maximum of 10 credits may be carried forward and applied to the next window requirements.

Credits must be acquired in the following categories:

Primary Creditsminimum 28 per window

Business Creditsminimum 7 per window (maximum 14)

Primary Credit Activities:

Activities in the primary category are directly related to the scope of practice.

Topics for primary credits would include, but are not limited to, the following:

Anatomy, Applying Treatments, Client Assessment, Massage Techniques, Massage Theory, Nutrition, Pathology, Physiology.

Business Credit Activities:

This is a new credit category. The change has been made to bring the LCSP Canadian Branch continued education guidelines into line with the Inter-Jurisdictional Entry-to Practice Competency Profile for Massage Therapists, developed by the Consortium of massage Therapy Regulators.  Adherence to this profile will allow transition into the Agreement on Internal trade on Labour mobility when legislated.

Activities for business credits would include, but not limited to, the following:

LCSP Canadian Branch AGM attendance (in person), Chamber of Commerce events, Financial Institution Seminars, Technical College business classes, University business classes.

CPR/First Aid:

Standard First Aid and CPR Level “C” are mandatory requirements for the profession.  A copy of the certificate must be submitted to the LCSP Canadian Branch Head Office each year, and upon renewal. Recertification is only required as directed by the First Aid/CPR provider (every three years).

Whilst non-practicing members are not required to maintain current CPR/SFA; however the certification must be renewed before upgrading to practicing member status.


In accordance with the Bylaws of the Society, members wishing to move to the higher category must have 600 hours of practical experience as well as a level of Education satisfactory to the Council in order to write the Phys Level examination.

At the present time, the level of Education required by the Council for Full membership, is a Diploma from a training body, which provides training of 2200 Hours. Please note that attendance at a number of separate seminars does not ensure that the member has reached the level of Education, which is required to transfer to a higher category.

The Council however, does feel that when a Member has been in practice for a number of years and has attended several seminars, consideration will be given to obtain Full membership. To accommodate this, the Council will require any Member wishing to move to a Full Member position to provide an outline of the seminars they have attended, as well as a record of their time in practice. If the Education Committee feels that, based upon the information provided to them, the Member has acquired a satisfactory level of knowledge, they will then give the Member the opportunity to sit for the Society’s Exam at that level.

An applicant may be exempt from the examination process where he/she holds a membership in good standing to an existing governing body. Proof of membership to said governing body must be submitted.


Minimal educational hours of 2200 hours

  • Must have an entrance exam
  • Must have Bylaws and code of Ethics
  • Must require members to have Malpractice and Liability Insurance.
  • Must have a Continued Education requirement for members


If a Council member wishes to resign, if at all possible notification should be printed in the last available L.C.S.P. Quarterly Bulletin prior to the Annual General Meeting.

At the Council’s discretion, it may appoint a representative of the Society to attend the clinic of any Member or applicant to the Society for the purpose of assuring the Bylaws of the Society are being observed.  Any breach of the Bylaws may delay, deny or terminate membership.


The following guidelines apply only to members who do not belong to a governing body.

Any individual applying for membership into the Society must provide a copy of any and all advertisements to be used in their business prior to approval of membership being granted.

All Members when renewing their annual membership must provide a copy of all advertisements and promotions used in their business along with their renewal form prior to January 1st of each year.